It's misunderstanding
not laziness
your fence will not be repaired
heavy wind storm always
developed an internet voice

redacted: snark
achieved fake eyebrow tweak

online marketers
vs story structure

transitioned elfish twee-dot
knee jerked tenure track
swooped over violent structures
my ship tipped
migrants drowned
I'm disconnected

Claude bitching
about the state of anthropology

who reads travel writing--
banner size for money
putting in a dollar

blinds shut off sick neighbor never
grabs up newspaper rollers
reblind and birthed back toward
the electric LED light
tyranny of starch
of posed glass
in smooth directives
where a life's narrative
or whatever else

secret grips and symbols

I'm commune by gif
leak of politics
don't happen on social media
insipid somewhat ally
call-out culture
choke on the long dick of patriarchy
Miss Gossip

seemingly reduced
enhanced visual fields from
full-on stupid spectum toward
theory of oil spill
prima facie theory of online outrage
orange you glad breaking
those with brains will actually
my lymphs short circuit
and my friends the comment section
clumsy evil
aphasic quote-machine

I'm not nowhere else but screened in long comment back-forth glue bound vultured and insipid I've posted the link I've made the statement I've gestured in a direction passing my own selfish sense of entitled bachelor pad my hardwoods shining my plaster all moldy my hands are mildewed beyond recollection and one disaster moves seamlessly into the next such that one dead human in one article represents the thousands in another it's the end of counting when counting becomes our favorite countenance enrage the update fail the status test today I'm like what and tomorrow I'm like never