That gone objects
they are literally heart
detailed fight scene
where the body at I may
be playing a video game which takes up
life-long attitudes
vertiginous air raid siren means nothing
luxury vehicles are my jam
smurfish deathmask combed
through high caliber heatwave wherein
elderly are reported to have stayed indoors
crawled up
without knees
optimized poverty
in line for the pleasure gulag
choking on my own octaves
business school mandate
shells out for solid all-weather boots
you're corded
caught in gang-sign gestures
I call that an ussie
there is so much new language
every day it's insulting
try and follow along
my wife in a moat
miserable apotheosis of fake-ID
one move quit failure water
dropped into a basement
image flow from screen
to silent screen
that was actually ruffle chips
slip of capsized whaling vessel
maybe you can help me out for once
the friendly thing to do
sick of posting selfies
of my mother's sickness
the trimmed-back limbs twisted
but it's too hot to clean it up
my own selfish moon