FAKE PROFILE created to reconnect
regretting deletion of
recovery failed
picture proof memory
fix the way people behave
shit blood
like you're in college again
drilled down guy smoked
boots in foyer though no foyer
zaps from culture to culture
I have a moat
and exist in a mansion of miscommunication
I want to add you again
watch me play
no reading fee required
liminal carved-up cement block trip
neighbor trots out his kids
right through the glum glums
my fan fic is reduced
to hits and sales figures
which is good
if you want to see a thief just look for a uniform
lucifers serving the dark
you're in a dark field
there are crickets but they are few
the exits are: N, W, S, E, UP, TREE, BURROW
there are no other choices
all legal names are owned by the Crown Corporation
to enslave and harm you
Isis O Isis
I'm bored
I'm moating out my back yard
I'm grilling up my babies
I'm gendered and loving it
my report cards got lost
my status won't update
my cars are on fire
my mess is my mess
I won't clean my land
or these kids
finger in my ass
clean js calls out
harmless modules
please talk to your money advisors
in the second year of the passing glance
in the lost moment in the mis-fired neural net
you leak fluid
loss of carburetor turned out
unwound massive knot
technology wants to be loved--wrongly