Turn yourself the page
is spent in bed my friend
the mailman starts when I stare
new york snark
GIF after GIF until it hits a material change

cut ties too good
pics gone means no more self
you won't be able to recover the message
using the Gmail interface

sweet code compile softly while I fill this log
sweet code compile softly for I blog not loud or long
the antagonistic forces of the exterior environment
thus become entered
terrifying ritual
of daily meal
neighbor makes gesture cops
linger trains run twenty minutes late
I'm a little exterior drain
I'm a little exterior drain
touching moment in the patagonia special
fake occultist dabbles
dabbles dabbles in my suburban drive
error now undid me
pulling up clumps of earth
in gilded reference
in gilded reference
i hope no one will cut you off
forgone mortgage
please take a short survey
dug out
backed university cash
open doesn't cost a thing
open isn't cheap