Ripen vast failure

where gassed up Moro dudes get

too many sirens tiny

town redoes its landing strip in

ducking ulterior motives

the clicks from phones mean nothing

comforting my corns

overgrown the interstate

deep breath leave it all out

I'm taking a break from selfhood

I'm inviting you to my bridal shower

bring ducking presents

for my foray toward full on gardening

in a word of constant 'scaping

your skin means kids crossed

slow shat my ban pack

if I rear ended my mother wait

if you hit the skinny wrist

enough for snap we'll treat it good

cystine popped out three years

and cute scar barely changes

but keeps changing

the rafter switch hit

the election gone gray

my melodious contemporary wish

for better social standing

among the neighbors

proud of a ducked up lawn

reducing to a means

as doubling keeps going apace

with license plate design

suburbs over wired

keeps sick beats out

why bother